Sifu Lamar M. Davis II


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Twenty volumes, each between one and two hours long, with most of them pushing two hours!

Volume 1 - Foundation & Structure
Brief History
Centerline Theory
Theory of Facing
Economy of Motion
Fighting Stance Evaluation
JKD On-Guard Position
Power Side Forward Theory
Position Awareness Exercises
Visual Focus Principles
The Fighting Measure
Four Ranges of Combat
Defensive Theory
Defensive Zones & Perimeters
Basic Tools of Jeet Kune Do
Straight Line vs. Curved Motion

Volume 2 - Footwork & Mobility
JKD Fighting On-Guard Position
Push Shuffle (Forward & Backward)
Pendulum Shuffle (Forward & Backward)
Side-stepping (Right & Left)
Rocker Shuffle (Initiating Front & Rear)
Burning Step (Jamming & Kicking)
Stutter Step
Stealing A Step
Circling (Right & Left)
Triangle Step
Chasing Step (Pursuit & Retreat)
Fitting-In Drill
Full Pendulum Drill
Hop Drill

Volume 3 - Upper Body Tools
Leading Straight Punch
Leading Finger Jab
Leading Backfist
Straight Lead to Body
Leading Hook Punch
Rear Straight Punch
Straight Rear to Body
Half-knuckle Fist
Shovel Hook
Palm Hook
Side Palm
Vertical Palm
Thumb Hook
Elbow Smash
Inner Forearm Smash
Shoulder Smash
Basic Hand Combinations
Rotation Hand Strikes

Volume 4 - Lower Body Tools
Jeet Kune Do Kicking Structure
Straight Kick
Hook Kick
Side Kick
Back Kick
Spin Back Kick
Reverse Kick
Inverted Hook Kick
Stamp Kick
Shin Smash
Knee Smash
Secondary Techniques
Double Kicking
Triple Kicking
Three-way Kicking
Five-way Kicking

Volume 5 - Intercepting Fist/Stop Kicking
Proper Body Mechanics
Vertical Fist Structure
The Basic Intercepting Fist
Four Phase Extension Drill
Telegraph Drill
Retraction Drill
Two-man Intercepting Fist Drill
Six-phase Intercepting Fist Drill
Three-man Intercepting Fist Drill
Single Glove Reaction Speed Drill
Double Glove Reaction Speed Drill
The Stop Kick
Passive vs. Aggressive Kicking
Side Stop Kick
Stamping Stop Kick
Oblique Stop Kick
Back Stop Kick
Spin Back Stop Kick
Stop Kick Free-style Execution Drill

Volume 6 - Hand & Leg Defense
Basic Defensive Theory
Parrying vs. Blocking
Defensive Zones & Perimeters
Explanation of Wu Sao & Mon Sao
Pak Sao & Applications
Tan Sao & Applications
Bong Sao & Applications
Goang Sao & Applications
Fook Sao & Applications
Jum Sao & Applications
Kwun Sao & Applications
Gaun Sao & Applications
Lin Sil Die Dar
Tan Da, Woang Pak Da, Ouy Ha Pak Da, Loy Ha Pak Da, Goang Da
Sliding Leverage
Chung Chuie, Bil Jee, Fook Da
Shoulder Stop
Evasive Tactics (Slip, Duck, Bob & Weave, Snapback, Shoulder Roll)
Stop Kicking
Lead Leg Jam
Reverse Pendulum

Volume 7 - Energy/Sensitivity I
What Is Energy/Sensitivity training?
Three Kinds of Energy
Simple Energy Drills (Dissolving Energy)
Tan Sao, Bong Sao, Woang Pak, Huen Sao, Fook Sao
Lop Sao Switch Drill (Dissolving Energy)
Practical Application of Lop Sao Switch Drill
Cross Energy Drill (Dissolving Energy)
Practical Application of Cross Energy Drill
Harmonious Spring Drill (Springing Energy)
Double Arm Harmonious Spring
Single Arm Harmonious Spring
Bridge Punching Drill (Static Energy)
Practical Application of Bridge Punching Drill
Continuous Pak Sao Drill
Practical Application of Continuous Pak Sao Drill
Continuous Lop Sao Drill
Practical Application of Continuous Lop Sao Drill
Closing Discussion On Energy/Sensitivity

Volume 8 - Energy/Sensitivity II
Basic Five-Way Energy Drill (Forward Energy - Tan Da, Upward Energy - Woang Pak Da/Low Hit, Inward Energy - Inner Lop/Qua Chuie, Downward Energy - Rear Pak/Chung Chuie, Outward Energy - Pak Sao Chung Chuie)
Woang Pak Drill
Practical Application of Woang Pak Drill
Inner Lop Sao/Palm Hit/Roll Drill
Jut Sao/Straight Punch/Roll Drill
Mixed Lop Sao/Jut Sao Roll Drills
Boang Sao/Lop Sao Roll Drill (with All Switches)
Practical Application of Boang Sao/Lop Sao Roll Drill
Don Chi Sao (Single Arm Sticking Hands)
Crossed Arm Chi Sao
Seong Chi Sao (Double Arm Sticking Hands)
Strengthening Drills for Chi Sao Arm Positions
Tan Sao Wedge Drill
Practical Application of Tan Sao Wedge Drill
Tai Chi Push Hands (Single & Double)
Practical Application of Tai Chi Push Hands
Closing Discussion On Energy/Sensitivity Training

Volume 9 - Basic Trapping Hands
What is Trapping Hands?
Rules of Trapping
The Asking Hand (Mon Sao)
Positions of Engagement
Highline/Lowline Awareness
Simple Traps & Compound Traps
Explanation of Leg Checking
Use of Seattle Bai Jong Stance (Closed Bai Jong)
Basic Highline Pak Sao Drill
Basic Lowline Pak Sao Drill
Basic Highline Lop Sao Drill
Basic Lowline Lop Sao Drill
Re-Zoning for Safety
Basic Highline Lin Lop Sao Drill
Basic Highline Inner Pak Sao Drill
Basic Highline Inner Lop Sao Drill
Basic Jut Sao Drill
Basic Jao Sao Drill
Basic Fook Sao Drill
Energy Change Trapping (Pak Sao to Lop Sao, Lop Sao to Pak Sao, Pak Sao to Jao Sao, Jao Sao to Gum Sao, Gum Sao to Lop Sao)
Closing Discussion

Volume 10 - Advanced Trapping Hands
What is Compound Trapping?
Defensive Energies
Controlling the Centerline
Weapons of Trapping
Review of Common Reference Positions & Purpose In Training
Review of Asking Hand Techniques
Trapping Hand Combinations from Pak Sao
Half Beat Insertions
Pak Sao Against the Opponent That Likes to Grab
Trapping Hand Combinations From The Lop Sao
Lop Sao Against the Opponent That Likes to Grab
What is Counter-Trapping?
Counter Traps for Pak Sao
Counter Traps for Lop Sao
Use of The Beat
Trapping Hand Combinations for Jao Sao
Jao Sao Against the Opponent Who Likes to Grab
Trapping Hand Combinations from The Lin Lop Sao
Lin Lop Sao Against The Opponent That Likes to Grab
Body Trapping
Combining Trapping & Grappling
Combining Kicking with Trapping
Closing Discussion of Trapping

Volume 11 - Seong Chi Sao with Trapping
What is Seong Chi Sao?
Explanation of Hand Positions Used (Tan Sao, Bong Sao, Fook Sao)
Rotation Sequences
Common Mistakes Made While Rolling The Arms
Blending The Perimeters
First Striking Set (Ten Relatively Easy Movements Involving Simple Traps)
Second Striking Set (Ten Slightly More Complicated Movements Involving Some Compound Trapping)
Third Striking Set (Ten Complex Sequences Involving Compound Trapping & Striking)
Fourth Set/Grappling Set (Ten Sequences Involving Simple Grappling
Trapping Exchange Drills from Seong Chi Sao
Closing Discussion of Seong Chi Sao

Volume 12 - Entering Skills
What is Entering?
Fighting Measure
On Guard Position (Bai Jong)
Basic Entering Footwork (Push Shuffle, Forward Lunge, Stealing A Step,
Forward Pendulum, Stutter Step, Burning Step)
Primary Entering Tools (Straight Punch, Finger Jab, Backfist, Straight Kick, Side Kick, Hook Kick, Asking Hand, Straightblast)
Opening & Closing Lines of Attack
Entering Methods (Jik Tek/Chung Chuie, Juk Tek/Bil Jee, Bil Jee/Juk Tek, Qua Chuie/Juk Tek, Oou Tek/Qua Chuie, Double Bil Jee, Chop Chuie/Qua Chuie, Ping Chuie/Qua Chuie/Juk Tek/Mon Sao/Pak Sao, Juk Tek/Mon Sao/Lop Sao, Burning Step Side Kick, Double Burning Step Side Kick, Low/High Oou Tek, Low Jik Tek/High Oou Tek, Low Juk Tek/High Oou Tek)
Entering Off Jeet Tek
Touch & Go Entering Drills
Closing Discussion

Volume 13 - Grappling/Counter Grappling
What is Grappling/Counter Grappling?
Arm Bar
Side Strangle
Wrist Lock
Neck Torque
Thumb Gouge
Figure Four Arm Lock
Reverse Arm Lock
Claw to Face/Throat (Miscellaneous)
Step-through Hip Throw
Single-leg Takedown
Groin Grab/Tear/Pull
Four Basic Leg Traps & Applications
Tan Sao Grip Release
Huen Sao Grip Release
Immediate Counter with Hand/Foot Techniques

Volume 14 - Five Ways of Attack
Explanation of Single Direct Attack (SDA) and Single Angulated Attack (SAA)
Example of Single Direct Attack & Single Angulated Attack
Explanation of Attack By Combination (ABC)
Examples of Attack By Combination
Explanation of Progressive Indirect Attack
Examples of Progressive Indirect Attack
Explanation of Hand Immobilization Attack (HIA)
Examples of Hand Immobilization Attack
Explanation of Attack By Drawing (ABD)
Examples of Attack By Drawing
Closing Discussion

Volume 15 - Training with Equipment
Heavy Bag
Fighting Man Dummy
Floor Bag
Wing Chun Wall Bag
Focus Gloves
Forearm Shield
Double-End Bag
Speed Bag
Mook Jong (Wing Chun Dummy)
Spring-loaded Mook Jong
Spring Arm
Kicking Shield
Sand Leg
Slip & Hit Dummy

Volume 16 - Mook Jong Training
Mook Jong Familiarization (Explanation of Arms, Leg and Trunk)
Conditioning Drills for Hands & Arms (Bong Sao Drill, Pak Sao Drill, Fook Sao Drill, Goang Sao Drill, Mixed Kwun/Gaun Sao Drill)
Mon Sao Drills (Asking Hand)
Leg Checking & Foot Obstructions
Trapping Hand Drills & Applications On Live Opponent
Sliding Leverage Striking
Closing Discussion

Volume 17 - Physical Training
Flexibility Training
Strength Training
Forearm Specialization
Abdominal Specialization
Special Exercises
Cardiovascular Training
Training Programs
Diet, Nutrition
Supplementation & Rest
Closing Discussion

Volume 18 - Speciality Techniques
Four Ranges of Combat
Longest Weapon to The Nearest Target
Timing & Rhythm Drills
Broken Rhythm
Burning Step Side Kick
One & Three Inch Power Punch
The Straightblast (Jik Chung Chuie)
Trapping Hand Range
Headbutts, Knees, & Elbows In Trapping Range

Volume 19 - Self Defense for the Streets
Basic Principles of Self Defense
Four Combat Ranges
The Fighting Measure
Visual Focus Principles
The Fighting Stance (Bai Jong)
Natural Ready Positions
The Interception (Lead Leg Kick, Lead Bil Jee, Lead Straight Punch)
The Four Corner Lin Sil Die Dar Movements Countering Specific Attacks (Lead Punch, Rear Punch, Backfist, Straight Kick, Hook Kick, Side Kick, Spin Kick, Wrist Grab, Lapel/Collar/Shirt Grab, Combinations)
Closing Discussion on Self-defense

Volume 20 - Women's Self Defense
Basic Principles of Self Defense
Four Fighting Ranges
The Fighting Measure
Visual Focus Principles
Vital Targets
Striking Techniques for Women (Finger Jab, Claw Hand, Palm Slap, Web Hand, Thumb Gouge, Hammerfist, Finger Fan, Elbow, Headbutt, Knee, Straight Kick, Side Kick, Hook Kick, Back Kick, Stomp Kick)
Impact Training
The Interception
Four Corner Lin Sil Die Dar Movements
Special Techniques (Knuckle Grind, Skin Pinch, Bite, Hair Pull)
Defense Against Grabs
Defense Against Specific Situation Attacks


In these DVDs, you will learn what it is like to attend a live training seminar with Sifu Lamar M. Davis II, the Founder and Head Instructor of the Jun Fan Fighting Arts Association. He is certified as a Full Instructor by FIVE original First Generation Instructors. You will watch as Sifu Davis gives in-depth instruction in the original methods to those in attendance, and also see many drills taught and applied. This is the closest thing to actually being there! Fifteen volumes, each between one and two hours long, with most pushing two hours!

S 1 - Entering, Sticking & Trapping

S 2 - Energy/Sensitivity Training

S 3 - Basic Trapping Hands

S 4 - Miscellaneous Classroom, Seminar & Demonstration Footage

S 5 - Mook Jong Training

S 6 - Intercepting Fist/Stop Kicking & Sticking/Trapping Hands

S 7 - Grappling/Counter Grappling

S 8 - Don Chi Sao & Seong Chi Sao

S 9 - Advanced Trapping Hands

S 10 - Advanced Sticking Hands

S 11 - Headbutts, Knees & Elbows

S 12 - Ranges of Combat In Jeet Kune Do

S 13 - 2005 Nottingham, England Seminar - Day 1, Part 1

S 14 - 2005 Nottingham, England Seminar - Day 1, Part 2

S 15 - Clifton Park, New York, Day 1 / Part 1

S 16 - Clifton Park, New York, Day 1 / Part 2

S 17 - Clifton Park, New York, Day 2

S 18 - Leicester England, Day 1

S 19 - Leicester England, Day 2

S 20 - Clifton Park, New York, Day 1 / Part 1

S 21 - Clifton Park, New York, Day 1 / Part 2

S 22 - Clifton Park, New York, Day 2
Seminar Series Disc 23

S 23 - Hamilton, Ontario Canada Day 1
Seminar Series Disc 24

S 24 - Hamilton, Ontario Canada Day 2


Four volumes, each approximately one hour long.

Volume 1
Sil Lim Tao: Learning The Form

Volume 2
Modified Gung Fu Application

Volume 3
Jeet Kune Do Application

Volume 4
Mook Jong Training

INDEPENDENT DVDs (Not a part of any series)

Two DVDs, 1 1/2 to 2 hours long.

Real Jeet Kune Do:
Jeet Kune Do Fighting Methods Defined

Jeet Kune Do:
Essential Self Defense
Sifu Lamar Callback


Sifu Lamar M. Davis II

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