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Classes at the Hardcore Jeet Kune Do Academy are for members only. To inquire about membership, please email Sifu Lamar M. Davis II at Sifu@HardcoreJKD.com. Sifu Davis will make arrangements for you to come and view a class in session. No one is allowed to participate in training until they actually become a member of the Academy. Once arrangements have been made for you to visit a class, you may watch the entire class, then you must decide whether or not you wish to become a member. No one is allowed to just walk in off the street and watch a class in progress. Class meets two nights per week, and you may choose which night you wish to come and view a session. Once you become a member, then you have access to attend both classes each week. The current class schedule is as follows:

Currently Effective:

Tuesday Night / 7:30 to 9:00

Friday Night / 7:30 to 9:00

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