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There is a basic format that is followed in a Hardcore Jeet Kune Do group class. This is by no means the complete curriculum, in fact far from it. The entire curriculum is only revealed to members of the Hardcore Jeet Kune Do Chinese Gung Fu Association. This is a basic two hour class format, so that anyone interested in training will have a good idea of what they are getting into right from the start.

First Part of Class (Approximately 45 Minutes to An Hour)
   1. Fighting/Training Stances
       a. Open Bai Jong
       b. Closed Bai Jong
       c. Neutral Stance
   2. Basic Footwork
       a. Push Shuffle
       b. Sidestep
       c. Pendulum Shuffle
       d. Forward Lunge
   3. Basic Hand Techniques
       a. Chung Chuie
       b. Bil Jee
       c. Woang Jeong
       d. Yun Jeong
       e. Qua Chuie
       f. Ping Chuie
       g. Oou Chuie
       h. Jin Chuie
   4. Basic Kicking Techniques
       a. Jik Tek
       b. Lin Dum Tek
       c. Oou Tek
       d. Hou Tek
       e. Qua Tek
       f. Juk Tek
       g. Juen Tek
       h. So Tek
   5. Other Basic Strikes
       a. Jang Da
       b. Sut Da
   6. Lin Sil Die Dar
       a. Woang Pak Da
       b. Bil Da
       c. Ouy Ha Pak Da
       d. Loy Ha Pak Da
       e. Tan Da
       f. Goang Da
   7. Sil Lim Tao Form
   8. Energy/Sensitivity
       a. Don Chi Sao
       b. Seong Chi Sao
   9. Phon Sao (Trapping Hands)
       a. Pak Sao
       b. Lop Sao
       c. Lin Lop Sao
       d. Jut Sao

Break (Ten Minutes or So)

Second Part of Class (Approximately 45 Minutes to An Hour)
In the second part of class, the Instructor will go into any area of training that he wishes to cover for that evening. There are many possibilities. Below I have listed some of them

  • Trapping Hands (Basic or Compound)
  • Energy/Sensitivity Drills (Many Different Drills)
  • Entering Skills (Closing The Gap On The Opponent)
  • Five Ways of Attack (One or More)
  • Intercepting Skills
  • Stop Kick Training
  • Defensive Skill Training
  • Evasive Maneuvers
  • Footwork Specialization
  • Training with Equipment
  • Focus Glove Drills
  • Mook Jong Training
  • Scenario Training
  • Awareness Drills
  • Reaction Speed Drills
  • Combative Chi Sao
  • Chi Sao Strengthening Drills
  • Jik Chung Chuie Specialization (The Straight Blast)
  • Bil Jee or Biu Jee Specialization (The Finger Jab)
  • Kicking Specialization
  • Lin Sil Die Dar Specialization
  • Explosive Combinations
  • Grappling/Counter Grappling


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