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Listed below you will find the Chinese terminology that is pertinent to the learning of Hardcore Jeet Kune Do as taught by Sifu Lamar M. Davis II and all of those who are instructors under his lineage. Although it is not required that you learn it immediately, you will be expected to eventually know, speak and understand all of it! This listing is provided as a constant reference for the enhancement of your continuing education in JKD fighting methods.

Part I - General Terms
Kwoon - School, gym, institute, place of training
Joap Hop - Group together, line up
Jyu Yee - Come to attention
Yu Bay - Ready
Hay, Hey - Begin
Gin Lai - Salute
Jeet - To stop or intercept
Kune - Fist
Jeet Kune Do - Way of the Intercepting Fist
Sifu - Instructor
Simu - Female Instructor
SiGung - Instructor's Instructor
Sijo - Founder of the system
Don Chi Sao - Single-arm sticking hands
Seong Chi Sao - Double-arm sticking hands
Poon Sao - Rolling arms
Gor Sao - Chi sao sparring
Phon Sao - Trapping hands
Lin Sil Die Dar - Simultaneous defense and attack
Tek - Kick
Jung Seen - Centerline
Ha Da - Low hit
Jung Da - Middle hit
Go Da - High hit
Mook Jong - Wooden Dummy
Sil Lim Tao - First Wing Chun form
Bi Jong, Bai Jong, By Jong - On-guard position
Jee Yao Bok Gik - Freestyle sparring
Fa Kune - Flowery, ineffective style or method

Part II - Specific Strikes
Chung Chuie - Vertical fist
Biu Jee, Bil Jee - Thrusting finger, finger jab
Qua Chuie, Gwa Chuie - Backfist
Oou Chuie - Hook punch
Ping Chuie - Horizontal fist punch
Jin Chuie - Uppercut
Choap Chuie - Half-knuckle fist punch
Woang Jeong - Side palm smash
Yun Jeong - Vertical palm smash
Jao Sao - Running hand palm smash, hooking palm smash
Sat Sao - Slicing hand, palm down chop
Jik Chung Chuie - Vertical fist blast
Jik Tek - Straight kick
Juk Tek - Side kick
Oou Tek - Hook kick
Hou Tek - Back kick
Juen Tek - Spin back kick
So Tek - Sweep kick (Reverse hook kick)
Dum Tek - Stamp kick
Lin Dum Tek - Cross stamp kick (Oblique kick)
Qua Tek, Gwa Tek - Inverted hook kick
Jeet Tek - Foot obstruction, stop kick
Jeet Da - Stop hit, intercepting hit
Sut Da - Knee strike
Jang Da - Elbow strike

Part III - Defensive Terms
Tan Sao - Palm-up hand
Pak Sao - Slapping hand
Mon Sao - Inquisitive hand, asking hand
Wu Sao - Protective hand
Goang Sao - Low outer wrist block/parry
Boang Sao - Raised elbow deflection, wing arm parry
Fook Sao - Bent-wrist elbow-in parry
Bil Sao, Biu Sao - Thrusting fingers block/parry
Jom Sao - Inward chop block/parry
Jum Sao - Sinking elbow parry
Gaun Sao - Splitting block/parry (uses both arms)
Kwun Sao - Rotating arms block/parry (uses both arms)

Part IV - Trapping Terms
Pak Sao - Slapping hand
Lop Sao - Grabbing hand
Lin Lop Sao - Cross grabbing hand
Tan Sao - Palm-up hand (wedging)
Jut Sao - Jerking hand
Gum Sao - Pinning hand
Jao Sao - Running hand
Huen Sao - Circling hand
Heung Sao - Shoulder trap hand
Man Geng Sao - Neck pulling hand
Lan Sao - Bar arm
Tok Sao - Elbow lifting hand
Cup Sao/Kau Sao - Scooping hand

Part V - Lin Sil Die Dar Terms
Tan Da - Palm-up hand with hit
Woang Pak Da - Cross slap cover with hit
Loy Ha Pak Da - Low inside slap cover with hit
Ouy Ha Pak Da - Low outside slap cover with hit
Fook Da - Arm resting on opponent's with hit
Goang Da - Low outer wrist block/parry with hit
Bil Da, Biu Da - Thrusting fingers block/parry with hit
Boang Da – Wing arm parry with hit

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