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1637 Ashville Rd
Leeds, AL 35094
Phone (205) 467-9039

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Lots of work and money has gone into making the Academy a very clean, well equipped environment for your training! Please do your part to keep it that way! No hardsole shoes or poor quality training shoes are to be worn on the floor. We DO NOT train barefooted, but instead with athletic shoes. I prefer that you select and purchase a pair of shoes to use for nothing but class (I would suggest cross trainers or running shoes by Onitsuka, Asics, Nike or Adidas) with non marking soles. Also, please wipe your feet before entering the Academy. I want to keep everything looking as nice as possible!

If you have any questions regarding the facility, please feel free to email or call me. Email is still the best way to reach me, as I check email five or six times a day! My cellphone is my business phone, and I have limited range on and off throughout the day, so it is often hard to reach me by phone.

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