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Initial Academy Membership & Registration Fee - $50.00
Private Instruction – $100.00 per Hour
Semi-Private Instruction - $60.00 per Hour, per Person (limit of ten)

Group Instruction
Two Classes per Week - $80.00 per Month
Walk In Session - $20.00 per Class

Academy Seminars Taught by Sifu Lamar M. Davis II
One Day Seminar – Members/$50.00, Non-Members/$60.00
Two Day Seminar – Members/$80.00, Non-Members/$100.00

Training Camps
Two Day Camp - Members/$100.00, Non-Members/$140.00
Three Day Camp - Members/$140.00, Non-Members/$200.00
Four Day Camp - Members/$180.00, Non-Members/$240.00
Five Day Camp - Members/$210.00, Non-Members/$270.00
Six Day Camp - Members/$240.00, Non-Members/$300.00

H.I.T. Sessions (Two People Only)
One Day (6 Hours) - $600.00
Two Day (10 Hours) - $1,000.00
One Week (20 Hours) - $2,000.00

Payment Policy
1. All fees are to be paid IN CASH or through Paypal.
2. All instruction is to be paid for before session begins. No Pay – No Play!
3. One half of all H.I.T. Sessions fees are to be paid in advance!
4. Only alternate payment method accepted is US Postal Money Order, made
payable to Lamar Davis only. These money orders can only be purchased at
a US Post Office.

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